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Certified to EN 250:2014 for use with compressed air to a maximum depth of 50 m.


The Gemini switch block offers a diver the ability to change between two separate gas supplies without having to remove either the primary regulator or full face mask. To make the switch, the bar is rotated 90 degrees, ensuring that there is no accidental switching during the dive. This switching action selects either the left input or right input source.


The unique piston design along with the position of the input ports prevents a cross blending of gases during a switch over. 

The Gemini switch block is easy to operate for both right-handed and left-handed operators.


Each version has two 9/16-inch male inlets and one 3/8-inch female outlet.


The body of the Gemini is constructed of solid brass for maximum durability and uses oxygen compatible materials and o-rings.